May gentleness lead me

on October 12, 2023

Whatever it requires, Father.
Break my heart for what breaks Yours—in every situation, every scenario, every stronghold, and in every struggle. Give me supernatural vision to see beyond the headlines of the world and into eternity—what do You hold close? How do You want me to fight for Your people in a way that unites, not divides? In a way that elevates Your holiness in every space, instead of highlighting evil and giving it airspace. Would You show me?

When my flesh rears up and my blinders are on due to preconceived notions, fear, selfish intention, or bias, call me out and call me up. Examine any wayward way within me so that I can spend my life expanding Heaven—that’s always the goal. Purify me and rid me of myself; this is the surest + most absolute way to peace + unwavering strength. And wisdom! You remove the scales from my eyes and light bursts forth as You reveals to me how You painted the canvas. It’s worth fighting for.

Thank You for the opportunity to continually be refined so that I can love like You. Make me uncomfortable so that I can be effective. Lead me into deep waters so that I can spend my life relying on You to sustain me; my capability will always fall short and feel exhausting.
You make the way for Your people to take part in miracles—the main one being kind, gentle, and caring like You.

Equip me to be a warm blanket to the world around me—not striving to give out of what I do not have, but pointing them to the fire that consumes every evil + burns brighter than the sun. That is You.
I know that my agenda, my political views, my experiences, and even my hurts because of such will all mean nothing when the world fades and I stand with You forever.
Make the Word + Your truth be my highest priority, my greatest desire, and my hope when all else fails.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours.
Help me stop and see. And then help me show up, no matter what I must sacrifice to do so. I want the value system of Heaven.
Your will in every circumstance,
Your tongue in every conversation,
and Your heart in every interaction on my way home—give me eyes to see.

Gentleness is the strongest force. Help me trust that.

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