Miracle of You Collection is here!

on March 07, 2023

Ships that can float on the ocean,
Airplanes that zip across the sky,
Glowing stars that light up the night,
Animals big and small,
Friends that accept us + love us,
The sunshine that warms up our days,
Forgiveness that’s found in hard situations,
A work opportunity that brings new growth,
A life transition that forces us to surrender control,
Letting go of something that’s holding us back,
Fresh perspective that bursts forth from a struggle,
Support that you feel when life throws a curveball,
Medical staff who fight to help you find the answers,
A community that is a safe place,
….any and all of it.
The hard and the heavy. The light and the airy. There are a million miracles.

My hope for this mini collection is to help you and your kids LOOK for miracles!
Can you imagine the difference in your perspective—and therefore your power—if you looked, expected, + voiced the fingerprints of God?
They. Are. Everywhere!!!
Don’t miss it.

The Miracle of You Collection is now available! 💚 Perfect timing to fill your Easter baskets!

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