Miracles. Are. Everywhere.

on February 23, 2023

It’s hard to sum up into words the message behind this book.
Not because it’s complicated but I guess, because it’s precisely that—the message of life. Grace. The message of love from God to us, + therefore parents to their kids.
That of all the experiences we will have, the places we will go, the things we will accomplish, + the sights we will see, God’s FAVORITE is US!
It is a bold statement to say, but I think if we asked Him His favorite miracle—His favorite creation He’s ever made—He would say, “The Miracle of You.”
And as parents, is there anything greater or more important for our kids to know than that truth, both from us + their Heavenly Father?

The heart behind this book (before I realized it was a book) began in the hospital when Sledge was in the NICU. I remember looking at him, praying + clinging to hope, + telling him, “Buddy, I promise when we get outta here, I will never stop telling you about the miracle of you.”
Because I always want him to know the One who saved him + I never, ever want to forget.
Or not just forget—I pray that gratitude + awareness leads us in EVERY season, however it looks.

Y’all know I'm not great at posting product pictures because I never want to be forceful or annoying but I really, really, really hope you buy this book 💙 not because of sales numbers, though sure that helps, but because it’s so special.
I believe it will not just encourage your little ones but speak to YOUR heart, as His child.
How would your life change if you lived looking for miracles?

The illustrator created the most magical, adventurous, life-giving artwork so I wanted to show you the inside spreads. I’m telling you—reading it feels like you’re in a 3D movie!! So grateful for her vision.

This book releases March 14 and Easter is April 9th. Perfect timing for your Easter baskets or just as an everyday “I love you.”

With releasing this book, I wish I could explain the emotions sifting through my spirit. Even now with the developmental side of Sledge growing + learning, I feel like I’ve peaked into Heaven.
Miracles. Are. Everywhere.
No matter if you buy the book or not, I pray you never forget the miracle of YOU💚

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