My Maker's plan is greater.

on November 16, 2023

Whenever it happens—because it will—you’ll know what to do.
When the text makes your stomach turn,
When the diagnosis throws a major curve ball,
When finances feel like a looming, dark cloud,
When plans go awry,
When a friendship feels strained,
When it feels harder than you thought,
When you can’t figure out how to turn down the noise,
When it happens—whatever it is + however it occurs—you’ll be able to go back to this.

You won’t be shocked by the tossing of waves because it was also promised—but you’ll remember who has carried you before. Why would He fail now? This truth will lift your head + encourage your soul.
You’ll recognize the opportunity that presents itself when anxiety knocks, fear asks to come in, of weariness tries to steal your hope—this is when your joy, seeded in the Giver of everything good, comes alive.
Because you know that you know that you know, He is with you.

You get to fall into the everlasting arms of Jesus. Full mercy meets you there. Deep, unexplainable comfort holds you there. Eternal joy greets you there. Renewed hope is found there. Uncanny strength is gathered there. Tenderness envelops you there. And peace—peace that makes NO sense, has nothing to do with circumstances, and the kind that wraps you up in its whisper and quiets your longing soul by its sheer presence—it sustains you there.

It is a good day for a deep breath and remind your heart that it’s not home yet…You’re passing through and the Shepherd knows all that you need until you get to the other side 🤍

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