No figuring, just following.

on July 05, 2023

Isn’t it crazy how you could be having the same experience as a million people around you + never know it?
Well, guess what…you are. We all are.
For whatever reason, we have fallen prey to the lie that life is “figure-out-able.” (Making up the word because it’s necessary.) We tell ourselves that once we get to that next place, cover that big life milestone, achieve that one goal, or whatever it may be, that “figuring it out” will get easier. More clear. More comfortable.
All to realize that the answer we thought was the answer really wasn’t it.

Been there before? There now?
Maybe it’s that you want to figure out a particular area of your life—career, friendships, personal health, finances, etc.—and everyone else seems to have that box checked off.
You feel behind because you’ve made the assumption that they’re holding the golden egg—THEY HAVE FIGURED IT OUT! Right?
But, through actually talking through things with others, you learn that was never the case.
Because once you figure out one thing, it turns into another.
The career becomes the promotion that you now want.
The relationship becomes stewarding that relationship + staying committed.
That big financial break turns into you wanting more, needing more, then having to sustain more.
You get the friends you were praying for and then seasons change, people evolve, life shifts happen, and you’re at a new place of “figuring it out.”
See what I mean?

Who are those who have figured it out? You know—the ones who seem fully content in the place they are while eagerly pursuing where God is calling them.
I think they’ve learned the secret: EVERYONE is in a state of dependence.
Life is just that—the art of leaning in, listening to the Father, letting go what isn’t yours to hold, + living in the boundaries of where He has you.

Wisdom is always found on the avenue of surrender, insulated by humility, and supported by the reality that figuring it all out isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Trust that you’re not behind. Find peace in the truth that you’re not alone.
Life becomes really exciting when you stop trying to know everything and you start learning about the heart of the One who does.

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