No greater honor than being your mama.

on July 23, 2023

Sledge Reaves, I can’t even believe it. How! When! What? I would say it’s not possible but also, I genuinely don’t know how I lived without you. You make this whole world so much brighter.

Your daddy + I were talking about your characteristics yesterday + I kept thinking to myself, “how do I sum up someone I admire so much?” Your joy is impossible to bottle up into words. You wake up clapping, ready to embrace every part of your day, even when it’s hard things. You have taught us to celebrate the small because who says the small aren’t the big? The whole world could feel like it’s caving in but your kind eyes + deep smile assure me it will all be okay.
I always say your eyes are telling + wise. They’ve gone places. They know love + have seen angels.

You are wildly brave. I don’t know how much you know about the circumstances around you or what you’re navigating through in the moment but I believe it’s more than anyone realizes. When I pray for you, I know your spirit is willing. Your courageous tenacity challenges me.

I remember when one of your PT’s told me, “however Sledge climbs up the mountain, they will never be able to say that he quits.” I love this so much about you!!! As I live, I find myself recalling how you’ve lived…and you’re two🤍

You LOVE books. How you correlate things + find new ways to do things reminds me life is no fun in a box. You’re a leader. A humble one. I believe that to my core.

People are your favorite!!! Oh man, you know no stranger. I pray you always stay tender + aware of others. It’s so important. And keep making people laugh—it’s the best! 😁
But mostly, I pray you wake up grateful + joyful every day of your life because you know who you belong to. I’ll do my best to always remind you.

I’m crazy about you, Sledge. Since I carried you, I prayed your testimony would bring Heaven to earth. I believe in you. I see God’s strength in you. I know His love greater because of you.
You teach me perspective everyday. Your life is pure grace over mine.

No greater honor than being your mama. This next year will be our best yet. WE LOVE YOU🥰

Happy Birthday Sledge/Sleddy/Sledgehammer/Bubs 🔨

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