Not a step will be taken alone

on February 20, 2024

Your day will be different than mine.
Everyone’s will look and feel and unfold differently—with unique circumstances and preexisting conditions of your heart that combine to make for a day that has simply never happened before.
So while I can’t speak over specifics of how it will shake out, I can speak to the steady hand that will hold yours and mine.
His name?
In the million roles that He plays and works in our lives, He will show Himself near in all.
Guide. Confidant. Restorer. Strong tower. Giver of wisdom. Comforter. Equipper. Giant slayer. Shepherd. Sacrificial lamb. Forgiver. Strength in weakness. The rock on which we stand. Anchor. Healer. Mender. Protector.

He may feel silent but He is speaking.
He may feel distant but He is near.
He may feel busy but He is moving.
He may feel confusing but He is clarifying.
The circumstances may not immediately change, the suffering may continue, and the tension may still be present—but so is your God.
You can feel something in a moment and it can feel true—it does not take away from your faith to need assurance that He is near.
It’s usually the uncomfortable moments, hard conversations, and uncertainties interlaced throughout your day that help you remember who He is.
Your prayer becoming the pathway and your need becoming the necessity for Him to whisper, “I’m already in the room.”

He is with you.
He is with you as you make that impossible situation,
He is with you as you pray for a miracle,
He is with you as you face your grief,
He is with you as you spearhead decisions,
He is with you as you war for your family,
He is with you as you plow the field in faithfulness,
He is with you as you let go of offense + forgive them,
He is with you as you sort through your many emotions,
He is with you when you wonder if anybody sees you,
He is already in the room.
You may feel afraid but go anyway.
You may feel anxious but trust anyway.
You may feel excluded but show up anyway.

It is only through living and wrestling and struggling and hoping that you can discover His heart for you—holy, trustworthy, + good 🤍

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