Open my eyes fully to the week ahead

on August 07, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another new beginning where ALL things are possible for those who believe.
Another chance to show the watching world that genuine change, powerful movement, and hope-filled life is found in one place + one place only: In the center of His will.

Jesus, thank You!!!!
We are so grateful. Do You feel our gratitude? Our anticipation? Our relief as we let go of the world’s standards and fully embrace Your grasp? Thank You.
The very nature of Your creation proves Your purpose + power in ALL that You make + do.

Show us how to craft our perspective with Kingdom truth, always letting the light of Your promises illuminate our way forward. Highlight any areas where we are letting shame, bitterness, lack of trust, or fear determine how we see—we know that how we see determines how we step and we only want to step in the way of righteousness.
You’re covering our way,
Canvassing it with grace,
Controlling all that isn’t in our hands,
And calming our spirit as we go.
All answer to You—nothing is missed or mistaken.

Thank You for giving us hearts that yearn to please You—not based on striving but rooted in the grace that we ourselves have received—a life centered on responding to that gift. Eyes fixed on You, we feel the warmth of contentment upon our face and the solid strength that fills our bones.
Ahhh—obedience! It is the way of peace.

Instruct us on how to be peacemakers in a world that is addicted to hysteria, selfish with its kindness, and unaware of how to become truly rich. Humble us. Keep our hearts dialed into truth so that the trivial voices around don’t offend our hearts. Increase our wisdom and hone our discernment. Help our focus be Your Kingdom and build our trust—when we want to self-protect, assure us that You are our advocate, defender, + keeper.

Nothing is better than holding Your hand, walking in Your way, watching miracles come to pass, + knowing Heaven is expanding.
That. Is. LIFE!

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