Plan to be blessed, kept, and held by Jesus today.

on April 27, 2023

As you go and as you return,
As you walk into new seasons,
As you transition from one thing to another,
As you enter into conversations and interactions with those around you,
As you navigate the unexpected and the unfamiliar,
As you show up in every space you will enter today, plan for God to have provided, be present, and continually positioning you for your highest and best.

Plan for opportunities for your patience to grow—this may feel like frustration or anger initially but then you will feel your Spirit rise up and your tenderness reach out.
Plan for moments where your compassion will have a chance to embrace others, see them like Jesus, and choose mercy over judgement.
Plan for life to ask much of you, people to push your boundaries, and the world to tempt you with much less satisfying ways of life—and then plan for your strength to tap in, take authority, and triumph you forward.

Plan to deepen your understanding of God’s heart—His gracious, kind, and pure heart—as you feel your circumstances press and pull and push and prompt you to respond. When you plan to see His heart, you look for His hand. He is always sewing goodness and planting hope.

Plan to be provided for, protected, and powerfully prepared for every place. This will change how you enter—no longer afraid. This will change how you operate—with great expectation. This will change how you give and work and serve—knowing God won’t short you, leave you, or withhold good from you.

Plan for covering over every detail that you missed. There will be some. There will be surprises or moments where your flesh wants to panic but your spirit will be reminded that the gap between what you have and what you need is GRACE. It’s got you.
Plan for peace to envelop you on every side. Releasing the temptation to live in your comfort zone, you will know the power and gentleness of the Ultimate Comforter.
Plan to be led by LOVE and for it to be glorious. Safe and securely held the person of love, plan to overflow onto others.

Plan to be BLESSED—His favor is on you.
Plan to be KEPT—His power sustains you.
Plan to be HELD—His arms are keeping you safe.

Plan for this day to be GOOD + HOPE-FILLED.

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