Pride vs. Surrender

on March 12, 2024

I think sometimes when we hear this word, “surrender,” we see it as giving up on something we should’ve fought for or it feels like we aren’t doing all we can to it—almost as if surrender is the last resort after you’ve given it all you got.
But in reality? Surrender is always the bravest option.
Surrender is the strongest option.
Surrender is the kindest option.
Surrender is the only option if pleasing Jesus is the mission.

The thing about surrender is that it is a matter of the heart. Of the soul. Of the deep place beneath the image and the reputation and the perception of the person or the situation—it’s the core.
It is possible to engage in religious behaviors and be very disciplined about them without actually surrendering the outcome to the Father.
It is possible to do a lot FOR God, while still compartmentalizing your faith and not trusting that He can + will do anything for you.
When the character of God is head knowledge but not heart knowledge, you will speak of surrender but fight internally to control the circumstances.
But when you really do surrender? When you really do let it go? When you really do get to the end of your own rope and you’re forced to cling onto His? You will realize that He was holding it all along; it was your false sense of control that tied your spirit up in knots and robbed you of your ability to enjoy the present.

The ONLY safe place to put something valuable is in the Father’s hands.
That’s it.
It’s the only place unaffected by the uncertainties of the world, the limitations of time, and the brokenness of humanity.
It is the only place devoted to your health and not your comfort.
It is the only place committed to your eternal good and not your temporary gain.

It’s okay if your hands are a little calloused from holding on for so long…you can let it go now.
The way that your Father looks at you will always be through the eyes of His son—pure, perfect, and pleasing to Him.
It is your belief in this that will allow you to release what you’re holding, knowing His presence isn’t tied to your performance and His peace is never in jeopardy.

For more on surrender, listen to the latest “Let’s Be Cleere” podcast 🎙️

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