Reframing Mondays

on January 16, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another week to begin again, letting His mercy and forgiveness be the foundation for the grace towards ourselves and those around us.
Swimming in His grace—immersed, overwhelmed, and fully covered by a force we could never earn or comprehend.
This Monday, we have the chance to respond with wonder and worship, pointing the world to the only Way worth knowing.

Jesus, thank You!
The colors canvassing the sky—the fiery orange and the dashes of pink and the bursts of yellow, all dancing to welcome the million shades of blue that will paint the sky all day. It’s like a visual reminder that You’re in charge again today—help us cling to this.

You know every giant that we will encounter today—those we size up in our own heads as fear takes the wheel, those that we will not expect, and those that we foresee and we wonder if we have the faith + fortitude to persist.
You know all of them and still You say, “Whom shall you fear?”
You are God. Everything + everyone operates under Your control. You see what is on the surface and what is buried a thousand layers deep. You see our actions and then the motivation behind them. You know our hopes and our dreams and You also know our limitations and our capacity. You see us through the eyes of righteousness and purity—we are Your most prized possession.
We can trust Your lead and Your love.
Help us do that—help us be people who firmly fixate on the consistency + perfection of Your character, letting it be the source of all our decisions + doings.
What a way to live protected + free.
What a way to walk lightly but surely.
What a way to ensure provision + power.
What a way to establish something worth building.
What a way to live in peace + joy.

Father, whatever You want us to release, we will let go of this week.
And whatever You ask us to hold, we will cling to with fierce determination + anticipation.
You’re moving and You’re working and we trust EVERY way of Your hand.
The best time manager + steward of resources— there is no one greater to determine where we go, how long we stay, and what we carry on the way.

You are God—worthy of ALL our praise!

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