Reframing Mondays

on January 23, 2023
Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another beginning to a brand new week full of opportunities to see the God of all creation work.
Another entrance into the fresh mercy and loving kindness of the Father whose arms remain open wide, ready to embrace.

Jesus, thank You!
I know that You have me in the exact place I need to be in this moment—the people that surround me, the possibilities that You’re making happen, and the potential to grow Your Kingdom are all possible in this place! Because I know that no matter what something may feel like or look like, the truth of Your presence permeates every place You reside—which is everywhere!

Lead me far outside my comfort zone and help me strip away the pressure to conform or curate a life for the sake of perception, reputation, or appearance. I want my desires to be so aligned with Yours that when I pray for them, they point me closer to You.
Thank You for being the grace that covers my every gap and misstep—You have already encompassed the space I fear I lack. This fills me with courage + hope.
The more I walk with the Spirit, the more I yearn to walk with the fruit of the Spirit. Live by the Spirit. There’s nothing sweeter or greater.
And though I know this Lord, I constantly feel my flesh interject or intercede.
When this happens, give me patience. Remind me that there’s always time to recalibrate, redirect my focus, renew my mind, and reestablish my footing in You.
Thank You for being a Father who welcomes my every emotion and then gives me wisdom + strength to carry out what is better.

I trust all that You are and every way of Your hand.
I’m so thankful that life is not a project to complete but a process to embrace—leaning into the light, I find the grace for my next step.

Guiding is what You’re doing,
Refining is what You’re doing,
Preparing is what You’re doing,
Redeeming is what You’re doing,
Healing is what You’re doing,
Strengthening is what You’re doing,
Refreshing is what You’re doing,
Restoring in FULLNESS—that is what You’re doing, Lord.
I am so grateful and so blessed.
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