Reframing Mondays

on January 02, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to remember all the revelation of our yesterdays and bring it into our present, letting His track record of faithfulness become our foundation of trust.
Another fresh start—where we can fully receive His mercy over our past as we embrace the purity + crispness of a clean slate.
Another opportunity to lace up our shoes, let go of anything entangling us, and leap forward into the incredible adventure that is life.

What. A. Miracle!!!
There is nothing mundane about this Monday.

Jesus, thank You. Thank You for everything.
Thank You for reaffirming our purpose as You filled up our lungs and directed our eyes—You have work for us to do and ground for us to cover—significant, holy work.

Lead us as we do the next right thing, not stressing about the doorway we hope is open down the way or what will happen a few chapters from now—but right here, right now, in this place.
Whatever it is, You have fully equipped us to walk in obedience, pursue peace as we do it, and choose joy every moment of the way.
Letting go of perfection and unrealistic standards, we can BREATHE again. You cover all the gaps. You’re not worried about when we fall; our dependence on You in those moments is what makes the journey rich.

Thank You for loving us SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
Your tenderness is the greatest touch, helping us feel seen + heard.
Your compassion acknowledges our emotions and extends deep into our soul—we feel Your radiance reaching past all we were trying to protect.

Our praise could never touch the worship You deserve but we will live longing to let You know how much we love You.
We don’t fear losing what’s in our hands because ALL belongs to You anyway.
Our time is Yours—allocate, assign, and assert us forward so that we may gain a heart of wisdom—a heart that knows today is temporary, Heaven is forever, and every moment is pure grace.

R E S T.
That’s what we get to live from and live in—blanketing our lives and strengthening our souls—stripping us of the striving and the performing and reminding us, “settle yourself in Me. On the solid rock you stand.”

The first Monday of 2023—we are here for it 🤍

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