Reframing Mondays

on February 20, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another new beginning where the mistakes of yesterday are truly in the past—a clean slate is His promise to you.
Another week to entrust everything valuable into the Father’s hands, knowing that He will move, mold, and make miracles happen.
How is it that He keeps choosing us? Pursuing us? Positioning us? Caring for us? Leading us? And loving us? Despite ourselves, He is faithful.

Though it is easy to take Your mercy for granted sometimes, we refuse to do that this week. We know that our gratitude and awareness of Your presence is crucial in being effective + present in our circumstances. Our eyes are fixed on You—looking for You, waiting on You, and enamored by how You work.

Will You strip us of the old mentality of needing to perform or strive to prove ourselves? Will You help us be aware of the tendency to “present” to you a curated form of ourselves instead of inviting You into the messy, broken places that so desperately need You?
Father, Your greatest delight is when we welcome You into EVERY space—even the corners of our lives where we know it doesn’t please You and we ache to live differently. It is THERE that You are so proud of us for asking for healing and pursuing holiness because it is there where our trust is built. Our faith is forged in the fire, which gives us the courage to take new ground.

As we make decisions—both at work and at home, both big and small, both high-risk and seemingly unimportant—anchor our souls in the truth that You will provide all that we need. We get to operate with wild generosity, radical faith, and earth-changing compassion because You are our Shepherd—guiding us, holding us, protecting us, and securing us.
We are never in jeopardy of being without or getting led astray when we are following You.
This safety measure helps us stand firm! We feel safe. We experience peace because we know that You always keep Your Word.

This week, we yearn to be people who do not get distracted or directed by our worry; instead, we run forward and release all in response to our worship.
Will You help us? Continually call us back.
Your presence is where LIFE is found.

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