Replace the hypothericals

on May 11, 2023

We think it’s effective or helpful—this game we begin to play in our minds before we begin our day, approach conversations, handle the problems of life, or just navigate the seasons we know are on the horizon.
For all intensive purposes, WE ARE THERE, right?
We’ve imagined the people and the places and the pathway in our heads.
We start to work through the details and the resources and the layout.…”what if _____happens?”, we think.
“What if I run out? What if I’m not ready for that? What if we can’t handle that as a team? What if we need more money? What if my strength gives out? What if they get upset with me? What if that conversation doesn’t go well?”
….see? The ENERGY! Oh man, we need this energy!

So—what if we switched it to: “How will He?”
How will He show up?
How will He open that door?
How will He strengthen my resolve?
How will He soften their hearts?
How will He break down that wall?
How will He reunify?
How will He bring new life to this place?
How will He…because we know, that if we believe He is who He says He is, that He will be with us. Warring for us. Walking us past the bends where our anxiety lies, pulling us out of the pitfalls of our fears, and helping us knock down the towers of our pride so that we can see Heaven in every place.
Waymaker—we know He’s that no matter what’s on our way.

Because even if we don’t know what, we know WHO.
Even if we don’t know how, we know who.
Even if we don’t know when or why, we know who.
And The Who?
It’s actually all we need.

Maximizing our effectiveness,
Multiplying our energy + impact,
Moving on our behalf to magnify His name—that’s what He will do.

Trust, joy, and peace. Blanketing our day, casing our conversations, and holding our hearts no matter the “what if’s” life brings 🤍

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