Reserve your energy for what you can control.

on September 28, 2023

You didn’t mean to do it…it was just there—readily available + such a “normal” thing to pick up—that burden that you know He asked you to set down but you wanted to “make sure” it was cared for.
You wanted to “make sure” that it was on God’s mind so you set it on your shoulders, aware that the weight is too much for you but letting your fleshly fear take over as you bore it once more.
You have almost convinced yourself that it’s responsible—to pick up what you surrendered yesterday because if you don’t hold it, what will happen? How will it be handled?
But you realize that your fingers white-knuckling it is the very thing that’s keeping your spirit restless, your body exhausted, your mind weary, + your heart burdened.

May I ask…what is it for you?
We all have something. Something that, if someone were to survey all the swirling thoughts within us, this one would consume the conversation.
Sometimes, it’s the obvious one—the mountain everyone knows we are climbing.
Other times, it’s subconscious and intricate, a deep wound or worry that we’ve become accustomed to carrying for whatever reason.

Your Heavenly Father has already told you—“Lay that down. You will need your energy for the journey ahead. I don’t need help holding this; I made you + I made the world. Go. Be free. I have people for you to love + you need capacity.”

The Christian walk is often as simple + as difficult as that—the moment by moment decision to truly release what’s holding you back + look in the eyes of the One who rescued you, affirming that you trust it’s always been His. But there is a reason why the road is called narrow.

If you feel continually overwhelmed, perpetually stressed, or consistently exhausted, it is not that you’re not equipped to walk the road you’re on; it’s usually that you’re trying to walk with boulders that make any journey feel too heavy.

Who is God?
A mighty tower. Your refuge. Creator of all. The gentle whisper + the roaring defender. King. Boundary Keeper. Planter of every good seed. Giver of all wisdom.
Those hands—those are the ones holding the worries you picked up again—don’t you think He can handle them better than you today?

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