Speak this over 2023

on January 01, 2023

Sunday is here and so is 2023. A new year is here and God is already sitting and shaking, showing us His fingerprints in a million little ways.
Amidst every sunrise and every sunset this week and this year, we will:

🤍We will establish rhythms—realistic, practical and holy rhythms—into every part of our days. We will welcome the Holy Spirit, knowing the fruit of His presence brings a worthwhile life.
We will build the Kingdom, focusing most on extending God’s family and voicing His faithfulness.
We will invite rhythms that encourage our spirit and protect our peace.

🤍We will focus more on the becoming than the doing + achieving + proving + acquiring. As we let Him refine us, the restoration we were praying for and the refreshment we were yearning for will be possible. Knowing that the internal work is the greatest reward protects + preserves the efficiency + integrity of the external work.

🤍We will ask for fresh perspective + new vision—for our eyes to be opened and our scope to be broadened—remembering that we know so little and His sovereignty is perfect. As He reminds us of the little ways that Heaven touches earth, we will find new vigor to show up + stay the course.

🤍We will discipline ourselves to remain firmly in the present; it is the most responsible + powerful way we can steward our future. Because we know the Shepherd is trustworthy and His eyes are on our lives, we will be confident in the place He has us.

🤍We will walk in the adoration, affection, and affirmation of our Heavenly Father, letting that guide every step forward. He is already proud of us—before a goal is made, a habit is stopped, or the sanctification comes. He couldn’t love us more—it is true. Such grace. Pure, perfect love. It is our rock in 2023.

This week? It will be strong—a solid place to begin a year of healing, heart work, and HOPE founded in Heaven’s view 🌅

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