Speak this over your week:

on March 26, 2023

Sunday—another week is here and we feel the tension of wanting to know what it all holds with the truth that we are only supposed to know this day—these 24 hours. And that our Heavenly Father? He has mapped out the week before us, will go with us, and sustain us the whole way.

Remembering this, we declare these truths over the days to come:

🤍 We will continually—over and over and over again—renew our minds + reset our gaze on what lasts. When we cling to what is true + eternal, we provide a sound mind + a mental framework that lets healthy things grow, releases offense, + pursues peace.

🤍 We will honor God with our words and actions, knowing that when we choose to live for an audience of one, He covers the many. Instead of wondering how to appease or impress a million voices, we let the One constant voice determine how we live.

🤍 We will be expectant for how the God of Heaven’s Armies will work amidst the moments we didn’t plan for, the challenges we didn’t expect, and the hard parts of the week we would rather avoid. It will be here where our discomfort invites our dependence and new depth is gained.

🤍 We will spend less time scrolling, scrutinizing our own lives based on the assumptions of the curated lives we see on our screens. As we lift our heads + take in our current views, we will find new gratitude for the life we’ve been given, the blessings we have, + the presence of God everywhere we turn.

🤍 We will remind our troubled, anxious, or weary hearts of the absolute faithfulness of our Father. Because He is unwavering, we get to be people of peace, no matter the shakiness of what’s around us.
Grounded. Secure. Rooted in the person of Jesus.

The week ahead holds a million possibilities for us to trust God and respond with strength that isn’t our own—will we surrender so He can usher us into victory?
GOOD, powerful, transformative things are ahead 🌟

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