Speak this over your week:

on April 30, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week is ahead—a week full of unknowns and uncertainties, which means it is a week full of possibilities + miracles because we are walking with Jesus.

Eyes locked on Him, we will:
🤍 We will sit with Jesus and ask Him to help us allocate our time, delegate our energy, and pack our bag with only what we need. Sitting with the Shepherd, we will find clarity amidst any confusion, order of our priorities, and peace for each step ahead.

🤍 We will schedule times of connection with friends, family, and those we love—getting it on the calendar, we will make space to bring our full selves to each conversation, allowing us to really love and be loved by others.

🤍 We will release the fear of falling short or being less than in anything we do—whether it’s the way that we parent, the dream we are pursuing, or whatever it may be that taps on our insecurity—and we will give it to Jesus. His supernatural covering will be our dwelling place this week.

🤍 We will give our very best and our first to those closest to us—those who usually get our leftover patience or our last-minute thoughtfulness—and we will pour into them first. Keeping this in its rightful place, we will find greater empathy for their needs and struggles, not taking advantage of their position of proximity in our lives.

🤍 We will cultivate a language of praise in our homes + our workplaces, especially if they are one in the same. Remembering the power of gratitude, we will turn our focus towards what is good, vocalize His victory in our future, + operate with the filter of, “everything I’ve been given is far more than I deserve.”

This week, we will hold tight to the truth that JESUS—the true King—He is closer than our breath. We have all that we need and we will never go without.
Purpose, power, and promise are ahead.

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