Speak this over your week:

on May 14, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week is on the horizon—what will it hold? How will God show up? What miracles will we get to see? Releasing all fear of uncertainty and replacing it with holy anticipation, we declare:

🤍 We will voice gratitude first thing when we wake up—before the headlines of the world try to dim our hope, we will declare our firm foundation. And after our day, no matter how long it’s been? We will give thanks for His heart and how He held us all day—for all that He did that we recognized + everything He’s working underneath the surface. This guides our heart in truth + contentment.

🤍 We will physically get outside and move our feet—doesn’t matter how fast or how long we go, the point is taking in His creation, calming our hearts in His presence, and remembering His pace. With each step, we will breathe out our worries and breathe in the peace that comes from laying them at His feet.

🤍 We will remember that the unseen, and often unappreciated, moments are beautiful + sacred to our Father. We will operate with excellence + diligence when no one’s watching, knowing that our investment is in eternity. In the mundane moments and hard seasons, God is doing His greatest work inside of us.

🤍 We will walk in the absoluteness and perfection of His timeline—this will protect us from wondering if we are behind or need to run ahead, trusting that the One who is for us won’t withhold good from us. Our perspective won’t get fearful based on what the world says—we know He is moving.

🤍 We will seek to live a quiet life, treasuring the simplicity, power, and clarity that come from doing so. Keeping our eyes focused on making His name great and our name small, we learn what it means to have Heavenly peace + great confidence in what is far bigger than us.

This week, we are FULL—overflowing, bubbling over, completely refreshed—in peace and hope no matter what we endure or foresee ahead.
What a blessing to not be tossed by the waves 🌊

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