Speak this over your week

on January 08, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week is on the horizon. How do we enter it with strength, walk it with grace, and steward it with humility? Jesus, show us how.

🤍We will put on the armor of God, recognizing its authority and prioritizing our preparation to align with Heaven’s view. As we secure each piece, we will remind our soul of who secures our peace today + forevermore.

🤍We will place every expectation on the only One who will never let us down—as we surrender our fleshly desires + exchange them for holy expectation, we will take a deep breath knowing God knows our deepest needs + greatest desires. Whatever He gives, we will courageously cling to. Whatever He takes away, we will joyfully release.

🤍We will live with the constant awareness that our inputs always affect our output. We will hydrate, help, and welcome healing from the inside out, knowing that a nourished soul, a peaceful spirit, a calm heart, and a focused mind will change the world.

🤍We will enter every conversation- whether it be a text, in-person, or an email—with every person—coworker, friend, spouse, etc.—with humility + kindness. When we seek to care for others more than we desire to prove ourselves or impress them, Jesus is glorified. Our words matter. We will bring life.

🤍We will surrender our own timelines—of promotions, of family milestones, of anything + everything—and we will embrace the Maker of Time’s watch on our lives. The One who makes the sun stand still is never defined by a deadline set by the very world He made. We will remember that He is God—never behind or rushing ahead.

This week, we will hide ourselves under the shadow of His wings.
Gathering our strength,
Letting the sunlight hit our face,
Renewing ourselves in hope—we find new + greater joy for every tomorrow 💫

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