Speak this over your week:

on June 04, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week peaks ahead. The #sundayscaries slowly drifting away as we recalibrate + renew our minds in the One who is always holding the world and will help us every step of the way forward.

This week, we will:
🤍 We will begin each morning fully immersing ourselves into the present—both feet in, even if our season is hard or our circumstances aren’t what we prefer. We will welcome His new mercy that blankets our day. We will ask God for fresh hope so we can broaden our horizons + see His fingerprints. We will express our gratitude for His perfect, peaceful presence that is with us. This groundwork readies us for the day ahead.

🤍 We will pray with boldness, confidence, and powerful hope. Remembering that God hears us and that He can do anything, we won’t pray for the parameters of what’s possible; we will ask for the impossible, believe for the unthinkable, and trust in the unstoppable One. Miracles will be part of our normal.

🤍 We will keep short accounts with God and others, not allowing things to fester or form out of offense or hurt. We will be quick to let the light in, trusting God with the transparency + protection of our hearts. We will do all that we can to build the Kingdom and pursue peace.

🤍 We will remember that a posture of rest is the truest sign of a trusting heart. We will enter hardships with a calmness only found in knowing God is already working everything out. We will take great delight and incredible peace in knowing that the character of our Father is trustworthy, though often unpredictable. We are safe.

🤍 We will make a habit of saying “I am loved”—even when it sounds silly or too simple. We will let this truth wash over us, form us, shake us, restore us, move us, humble us, and put us back together again. We will remember that just as we are—LOVED is what we remain.

This week, we will remember how blessed we are and how strong the Holy Spirit is in us.
We have been saved and claimed and purposed for right here.
And free 🙌🏻

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