Speak this over your week:

on June 11, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week is approaching—as we lay our heads down, we realize that how we choose to rest and trust tonight determines so much of how we will approach our tomorrow.
Will we be people of faith? Walking in the hope of the unknown because we trust who knows it?

This week, we will:
🤍 We will not just claim to believe God; rather, we will back our belief with action as we walk into our future. Fully trusting that His hands will make good of everything, we find peace + confidence in every open door AND very closed one. He is making miracles happen all around us.

🤍 We will put on—as in apply tactfully + intentionally—the full armor of God, knowing that each portion brings protection, provision, + power. Knowing that the King of Heaven’s armies has equipped us for exactly where we stand + precisely the battle we are fighting, we will not shy away from showing up + standing firm.

🤍 We will be slow to speak + respond, allowing for space to settle, margin to marinate, + time to reach us the way of the Spirit and not our flesh. Our awareness of our own emotions + the heightened tension of others allows us to step back, pause, and welcome greater discernment + wisdom that only comes from Jesus.

🤍 We will ask for what we need, knowing that our Heavenly Father is delighted to provide it. When our minds are struggling, our day has been rough, or this season of life just feels pressing, we will ask Him for what we need. Peace, hope, joy, healing, courage, faith—whatever it is. Our dependence is our advantage because His supply is always greater.

🤍 We will praise God for the week ahead BEFORE it begins. Whatever it entails, however it unfolds, + whomever we are called to, we know that the Lord is sovereign and that He is love. Love personified. As hallelujahs fill our lips, hope + joy fill our hearts.

We are citizens of Heaven—and this truth? It gives us the fortitude to show up here and the peace to know here isn’t forever 🤍

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