Speak this over your week:

on July 16, 2023

Sunday is here and our minds are preparing to begin a new week—we know that there is much we do not know but that we will get to lean on the One who does. And in that? Peace finds us. Strength enters that wasn’t there before. And our bodies find the deep breath they need to begin again….

This week, we will:
🤍 We will EMBRACE THE PRESENT—whatever it holds, requires, or asks of us. Knowing that the future isn’t in our control and the past is behind us, this is the best way that we can honor both. We will fully step into the place we are now, not keeping a foot behind us or running ahead.

🤍 We will TAKE GOD SERIOUSLY, reading His Word, prioritizing His presence, and obeying His voice. And in turn, we will stop taking ourselves so seriously, aware that there is only one that can still the seas + bring miracles to pass. This combination provides a humble posture, a joyful heart, and a sound mind.

🤍 We will remember that EVERYONE is NAVIGATING THEIR OWN VERSION OF HARD, whatever it may be. For their shoulders, it is heavy. And what we are carrying is also heavy. It is all relative. Kingdom compassion provides little room to judge. We will be gentle in spirit.

🤍 We will operate with confidence, knowing that GOD IS NEVER FRAGILE. There is never a circumstance in which His character is compromised, His sovereignty is jeopardized, or His authority is tested. Because of Him, we will hold fast to our foundation and know we are okay.

🤍 We will DELIGHT in the LIFE WE HAVE—this one, right here, right now, all around us—and we will fully live it out! We won’t let the blessings around us go unrealized; we will open every gift of His grace and praise Him for this life.

Sunday is a blessing.
Sunday is an invitation.
Sunday is an offering.
Sunday is a reminder that the King is in control 7 days a week and His people can always be at peace 🤍

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