Speak this over your week:

on August 13, 2023

Sunday, the day that brings great anticipation and renewal for the week ahead.
As we prepare our body, mind, heart, and spirit, we declare life over the days to come.

🤍 We will welcome the change that August brings with fresh wind beneath our sails. Because we know that God hears us and provides for us, we will ask for: increased adaptability so we can walk in grace, a new dose of energy so we can show up with excellence, and courage that is quick to say YES to God.

🌊 We will be peacemakers in every place and with every person. As we surrender our pride and choose to see from their perspective, we will usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Peacemakers point to Jesus in a world that is deeply craving steadiness.

🤍 We will make plans—fun, exciting, intentional plans and welcome the power of HOPE. A lifestyle of worship is one that gets excited about where God is taking them and being grateful for every step of the way.

🌊 We will recognize the authority we have over our own mindset—we have the power to recognize negative, untrue, or toxic thoughts and bring them under the light—what does Jesus say? We will be aware, choosing to walk in the maturity of the Spirit, not being a victim to our lives.

🤍 We will rejoice and celebrate and give great praise to the indisputable fact that God is who He says He is and He is here. Knowing His power + proximity makes His promises personal for us.

The Maker of the Seas is with us. So much beauty to behold- will we look for it? 🌊

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