Speak this over your week:

on August 20, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week is before us.
We feel the standard temptation to become a little nervous about the unknown or weary about what may be asked of us—and then we remember Jesus. Our new normal is here + there is a better way. A million miracles surround us—and we realize that this is a huge opportunity!

This week, we will:
🤍 We will laser focus on all that God has given us and voice these blessings out loud! We will recognize that although there are practicalities + responsibility associated with obligations, they are all grace! Moments to lean in + ask Him for His strength + power to lead us. This posture will help us be effective + experience the joy along the way.

🤍 We will rehearse the character of God as we go and do and respond and live. Remembering who He is changes everything about who we are, and therefore, how we should be! Marinating on His faithfulness, reflecting on His restorative power, + keeping His kindness in mind at all times is the game-changer to remaining peaceful in all circumstances.

🤍 We will be obedient, whatever it asks of us. In the classroom, in the work meetings, in our homes, in our circles of friends—all places, with all people. This will protect our integrity + refine us to look more like our Maker.

🤍 We will enter conversations + interactions with the assumption that everyone is in it—in the thick of learning what it looks like to love God when you don’t always like the particulars. This will help us be gentler + give more grace—we will never regret either.

🤍 We will constantly ask ourselves, “Will this matter in Heaven?”
This will help us retaliate less + carry less offense. This will simplify our priorities + sort out our necessities. This will remind us that growing His Kingdom will always be a better choice than guarding our own.

Sunday…resetting, renewing, + refreshing ourselves in His presence…knowing moments will come where we will forget and then He will remind us of what is true: Home is Him—all else will fade.
Traveling lightly this week ☀️

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