Speak this over your week:

on October 01, 2023

Sunday is here and with its fresh mercy and graciousness, it reminds us of the blank canvas ahead. A new week is on the horizon and we get to partner with the One who gives all things breath…is there a deeper honor?

🤍 We will look out the window and catch the sunrise—there it is—new mercy, waves of grace, and powerful hope is here to greet us again. Each morning, we will feel the washing + cleansing that a new day brings.

🤍 We will make time for intentional conversation, even when it requires us to shift our schedule, realign our priorities, or get “less done.” Pouring into the hearts of others + being genuinely interested in their stories is the fuel for connection, intimacy, + growth in us + our relationships.

🤍 We will let the Word of God set our temperament—this means that we will have a grounding + a confidence about us that is independent of our circumstances. Moodiness won’t have a place when we walk with the steadiness of the spirit. And our posture will look like we’ve talked to Jesus—the One who knows all + holds all—we have read His words of promise, received His words of strength, and will stand on His words of hope wherever we go.

🤍 We will work hard and do good but we will always remember that our worth isn’t linked to what we contribute; it is ingrained into our God-given identity. Aside from anything we do or don’t do, we are loved, seen, + treasured.

🤍 We will be aware and sober-minded about what we are allowing into our hearts, minds, bodies, + spirit—all of which affect everything we pour out. We will survey our exhaustion + take note of what refuels us + act accordingly. We will turn up our Father’s voice and let that determine the volume of all others.
Silence will be our friend so we can hear. Discipline will be our guide as we go against the grain. And therefore? A soul of rest will be our companion 🫶🏻

A new week…we are expectant. We know who wins every battle. We know who holds tomorrow. We know who commands the angels that watch over us as we sleep. We are more than okay 🤍

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