Speak this over your week:

on October 15, 2023

Sunday—a new week is on the horizon and with it, a fresh start, a miraculous opportunity to receive the love of the One who has given everything for us.
Will Heaven determine our hope or will our circumstances? Will we rest in the unknown because we belong the One who knows all?

This week, we will:
🤍 We will respond to all that’s ahead—the mundane moments, the audacious adventures, and the high hurdles we have to jump—with anticipation that God is with us and within us.
Patience will fortify our souls, offering deeper tenacity and resilience to go the extra mile.
And JOY! It will case our words and canvas all that we do—our protective measure, knowing that deep contentment can’t be taken away.

🤍 We will zoom out on the lens of our lives, bringing greater maturity + discernment to every situation. This will help us not take matters personally and stepping back, we will be reminded of all our blessings. Sometimes the weight releases simply from unclenching our hands + seeing the forest instead of the trees.

🤍 We will be intentional with our time, making sure to actually sit at the table and engage in meaningful conversation with those we love— friends, family, neighbors, etc.—instead of assuming they know how we feel, we will remind them. Undivided attention. + available hearts of understanding bring great unity.

🤍 We will vent to the One who made every human heart, including our own. This preserves our relationship with others, allowing our own spirit to offer life-giving conversation + the safety of integrity. As we talk with Jesus, He will turn our grumbling into praise as we realize His fingerprints in every space + situation.

🤍 We will search for safety in the only places we know we can find it—in the pages of the promises that never disappoint, in the presence of the One who always meets us where we are, and in the power of prayer, releasing everything back to Him.

Our peace is not contingent on what’s ahead, just who holds it. And He is trustworthy. Praise God. Our sleep can be sweet + full. He’s got us.

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