Speak this over your week:

on October 22, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week is on the horizon—we feel the weight of uncertainty when looming ahead mixed with the excitement of not knowing because we know that God does. We remember how important our approach is as we settle our souls and declare these truths:

🤍 We will start our days—before the world begins to speak or our minds insert their fearful chatter—with talking to Jesus about everything that’s taking up space. Is it true? Is it helpful? Does it align? He will help us sort through emotions, shift through what’s for us + what’s not, and schedule our time accordingly.

🤍 We will be the kind of friend we pray and hope to have—someone who honors others above themselves, gives without expectations of reciprocation, and offers others a safe place to land, no matter what they’re bringing. Focusing on being this friend, we wont get consumed with what we don’t have while also attracting that kind of friend, too.

🤍 We will assess what’s growing in the garden of our lives—taking time to pause, we will recognize what needs to be watered and what needs to be weeded. Authority, intentionality, and diligence will direct our hands.

🤍 We will seek humility above everything—everything. This prioritizes the fear of God above any and all, protecting our hearts as we choose service as our lifestyle. This makes our Heavenly Father so proud and provides a foundation of peace for our hearts.

🤍 We will surrender to the will of the Father in all moments, knowing that He always has our best in mind. His will promises provision, purpose, and power that can’t be found anywhere else. Legacy is only built by living His way.

In every space and every season, we are seen by the One whose opinion outshines everything.

A new week…Praise God 🤍

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