Speak this over your week:

on October 29, 2023

Sunday is here and as the leaves fall around us, we reminded of the necessity, beauty, and excitement that a new season brings.
What will this week hold?! As we prepare, we lean into the Promise-Keeper and feel His strong hands holding us as He whispers, “It’s going to be better than you can imagine!”

This week, we will:
🤍 We will ask our Heavenly Father to illuminate what’s weighing us down and we will entrust everything into His hands. Unpacking our suitcase and only carrying what we truly need ensures a week well spent. Lightly, freely, ready…that’s how we will walk.

🤍 We will ask God for help and hope and healing as we dream about our current season + all that lies ahead. We will pray for broadened perspective, fresh vision, unusual courage, + radical faith as we set our sails.

🤍 We will lean into the Word and what it says about the true definition of wellness + contentment…this will prompt our hearts in new ways as we learn about what it really means to choose the way of life. We will seek to operate at a pace + with a posture that welcomes His presence everywhere.

🤍 We will think of a few specific + tangible ways that we can show up + serve those around us. This will lift our eyes above ourselves, invigorate our compassion, + provide intimacy in new ways. Knowing they are scheduled into our days, we will live with increased joy knowing we are being the hands + feet of Jesus.

🤍 We will thank God a million times over for caring so deeply about our hearts, how we are wired, what fulfills us, and what discourages us. Thinking about how much He values our emotions + the inner workings of who we are, we find new gentleness, grace, + love for ourselves. This brings space to tend to the deep work + love others well.

This week, we will lift our hands in praise in every space!!! Unashamed, uninhibited, unbridled worship of the King, knowing life is short but Heaven is the greatest forever they’ll be 🤍

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