Speak this over your week:

on November 05, 2023

S U N D A Y. R E S E T.
The week ahead has so much to do with how we approach it and handle it, which has everything to do with how we see it.
Where is our focus? What do we believe?

This week, we will:
🤍 We will find our source of level ground and our strength for every moment from the absolute sovereignty and permanence of God. Knowing that whatever waves crash upon the shoreline, He is our anchor and our guide, we stand tall + sure.

🤍 We will choose our heart posture and emotional temperament BEFORE we enter a situation, conversation, or interaction. Because the posture of our spirit is determined by who we worship and not what we see, we can walk in wisdom, confidence, and hope in whatever + with whomever we face.

🤍 We will laugh and celebrate and praise God OUT LOUD! Establishing a groundwork of gratitude lays the footing for a life built in the impenetrable joy of Heaven. This will be medicine for my soul and help for my heart.

🤍 We will remember that more than anyone else in the world, Jesus wants our highest and our best. We don’t have to make Him aware of possibilities or our potential and we certainly don’t have to forewarn Him of problems He is already working out. His best > our best.

🤍 We will sleep peacefully—fully letting go of what is in our hands, completely surrendering to the provision of the Lord over our lives, and absolutely certain of whose hands we are in—HELD. Rest is ours because tomorrow is His.

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