Speak this over your week:

on November 19, 2023

A new week is upon us and we feel the magnitude of its meaning…the week in which we give thanks for the multitude of grace + the many blessings that surround us—all to realize, it’s far too many to count.

This week, we will:
🤍 We will breathe in and feel His sovereignty consuming us and we will breathe out and experience His peace calming us. Our blessings are abundant. Everywhere. Perfect provision covers the space that we are + every place we are going.

🤍 We will welcome the interruptions in our day…whether it be the conversation we feel we don’t have time for, the extra errand we don’t want to run, or the way in which we can serve someone who may or may not recognize it—we will walk as Jesus did, aware that unplanned meetings are always divine connections from the Holy Spirit. This also helps us die to ourselves + remember who holds time in His hands.

🤍 We will get excited about the conversations that will happen around our table. Despite any tension, awkward moments, unusual happenings, or even personality disagreements, we know that the Spirit can canvas all with His presence. We will humble ourselves and look through the lens of love, whomever we sit across from + whatever that requires of us.

🤍 We will be diligent about not getting self-focused and totally consumed by what we want. Sometimes, the pressure to join the herd or just the distraction away from what’s important makes us compromise what Jesus wants us to plant ourselves in—gratitude, contentment, + trust. He knows what we need and He will never withhold good.

🤍 We will let the peace of God carry us. Into every space, amidst whomever is there, despite any challenges being thrown our way, we will firmly press into our sandals of peace and know that we don’t have to conform to the atmosphere around us. Where there is stress or anxiety, we get to be peace and refreshment.

Swimming in oceans of grace, being led in green pastures, looking up at the most expansive blue sky and knowing Heaven is near…words fall short.

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