Speak this over your week:

on November 26, 2023

Sunday is here and December is on its way. How will we steward this week with diligence + preparation while not letting it be driven by anxiety or perfectionism?
This week, we will:

🌟 We will wake up with gratitude—for another day, another sunrise, another opportunity to live and love.
We will work with grit—going the extra mile, doing the hard things, letting our why drive our what and our how and our when.
We will walk with grace—our pace in-step with the person of peace and our interactions laced with undeserved kindness, we will welcome Heaven to earth.

🌟 We will remember that our body is a temple where the Holy Spirit resides—it is to be treasured, protected, nourished, and encouraged. Seeing it through His eyes allows us to remove the filter of insecurity and replace it with the desire to serve.

🌟 We will be aware of what triggers our stress, not playing victims to our lives and our circumstances but rather preparing for victory in our Equipper + Deliverer. Being sober-minded, we will be effective, present, and expectant for the Holy Spirit to guide us forward.

🌟 We will make room—no matter what it requires—for silence and solitude. Clearing the clutter and the distractions, we will allow our souls to breathe, our mind to reset, and our hearts to remember our God-given identity. Making room breeds expectation + eagerness to listen to the voice that matters.

🌟 We will invite the spirit of Christmas into our hearts, knowing that when we do, it will overflow into our homes. We will prioritize the gift of the Savior above everything and in doing so, everything else will become a gift. Warmth, light, and HOPE will lead us into tomorrow and every day thereafter.

Looking for Jesus will always bring us the richest life because He is always present 🌟

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