Speak this over your week:

on December 03, 2023

A new week is ahead. We are grateful. Aware that the fresh slate that awaits us is pure, lavished grace. How will we respond to such a gift?
This week, we will:
🤍 We will dig into the Word that teaches us about the only One worthy of our devotion + our adoration. The more that we learn about the majesty of His heart, the greater that we see, understand, + experience the magic of Christmas.

🤍 We will live with Kingdom compassion + gentleness. Remembering that everyone is working through different things this season, our awareness invites humility which helps us love with open hands + open minds.

🤍 We will fill our words with praise, speaking victory + strength over ourselves + those we love.
We will resort to prayer over worry, letting the sovereignty of God blanket the snowball we were forming.
We will yield to pause before we react, asking the Holy Spirit to infiltrate all we do and say.

🤍 We will find a unique way to show up and serve others, getting outside ourselves and being reminded that loving others is loving Jesus. We will use our individual gifts + qualities to ask, “Father, how can I bring Heaven to earth?”

🤍 We will keep this truth and anthem in our minds + hearts at all times: Heaven is forever, perfect, full of peace. Here is temporary, broken, and simply a stop on our way home.
This will change how we fight, how we endure, how we work, how we give, how we serve, and how we love.

This week, we will look up and know we are loved. The gift of Christmas today and everyday ❤️

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