Speak this over your week:

on December 17, 2023

Sunday is here and our hearts are expectant…anticipating the week that’s ahead and all it will hold. The week that we get to celebrate that Jesus came for US. THIS—this is the hope of our everyday lives.

🤍 We will recognize and unwrap and live with the awareness of the incredible gifts of kindness, grace, and hope that are all around us. Living with our eyes open changes how we unwrap and see everything else. His faithfulness is our firm foundation.

🤍 We will keep the first things first, letting the Holy Spirit order our priorities moment to moment, day by day. This will protect our peace and not let the hustle around us rob us of the holy moments. The pace of others will not be our gauge for progress.

🤍 We will release the need for control, allowing us to actually enjoy the present moment instead of figure out every detail. Christmas reminds us that God brings the most unexpected details together to perform wonders far beyond our greatest imagination. Surrender is the truest pathway to JOY!

🤍 We will remember that the circumstances are never what hold the Christmas magic—it’s never in the perfect details or the impressive setups or the exquisiteness of what’s on the surface but rather in resting in the One who is perfect, knowing His presence is the wonder. It is His fingerprints woven into the fabric of every space that brings the magic 🌟

🤍 We will slow down and savor and sit long enough to really take in the beauty + miracles around us—this is Heaven to earth! Christmas reminds us that Jesus came to be WITH us—our lives find meaning in that togetherness. Always.
Preparing ourselves for Christmas…
With open hearts,
Tender souls,
Available feet,
Sound minds,
And settled spirits—the magic is all around.

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