Speak this over your week:

on January 07, 2024

Sunday is here and we feel the significance of its presenceā€¦the day we get to recalibrate, reset, and refresh ourselves with what truly matters. As we reset our gaze and remember His faithfulness, we feel reinvigorated to start this week fresh + focused.

This week, we will:
šŸ¤ We will think through the week ahead and all that we know it will holdā€”we will prepare what we can with what we have today and then we will get excited + expectant about what God will do. Because His character never changes, we know that He will meet us with strength, hope, and power that separates the seas.

šŸ¤ We will establish a place to meet the Shepherd; though He is everywhere, having somewhere we sit, silence our minds, and sort through our worries gives us rhythm, accountability, and newfound trust in our ability to show up. The place helps the position of humility form.

šŸ¤ We will ask God to help us really seeā€”beyond the surface, looking at the heartā€”those around us. As we seek to interact and respond with grace + tenderness, we find deeper connections, more intimate conversations, and space to grow, heal, and empower.

šŸ¤ We will prioritize the movement of our bodiesā€”getting our blood flowing and our muscles working, we feel His strength infusing our weakness. We will prioritize the nourishment of our soulsā€”bringing our nakedness to Him, we feel His care and love clothing us from the inside out. We will prioritize the gate-keeping of our mindsā€”protecting what comes in as the filter of His truth brings light to all we see, we feel the refuge of His peace bring discernment, focus, and wisdom to our minds.

šŸ¤ We will schedule FUN, knowing that culture will convince us work is always more important. We will remember that rest and work are friends, not enemies. As we embrace the adventure of life, we will find greater zest towards our labor.

This week. We will be adamant about focusing on His goodness and letting it paint the perspective we hold in every circumstance.

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