Speak this over your week:

on January 14, 2024

Another week is on the horizon and we are preparing our minds for what it will entail, while knowing that we have never been able to predict the goodness of God and the particulars of His ways.
So as we gear up our minds + quiet our hearts, we won’t worry about tomorrow—we will worship the God of every tomorrow as we declare:

🤍 We will silence the chatter in our own minds that tries to make us feel insecure, alone, or unworthy. We know that just because a thought knocks doesn’t mean it deserves a seat at our table. We will apply the filter of truth with the covering of grace over every thought we think + every word that we release.

🤍 We will pray for discernment, walk in acceptance, and build trust with the Shepherd as we listen to His voice + trust His vision. Peace will follow as we learn the difference between glamorous distractions and Godly opportunities—we only want what increases His presence, even when it’s not our preference.

🤍 We will be sober-minded and recognize when our tendency is to complain instead of encourage; in these moments, we will reset, refuel, and renew our minds on what Jesus says. His perspective always refreshes our spirit.

🤍 We will stop trying to fit God inside our box and instead ask for the courage, faith, and wonder to dream outside the box. Knowing His ways can’t be predicted or comprehended gives us great comfort when uncertainty looms or the dots seem in disarray—God is on the move.

🤍 We will envision our victory and let it spur us forward with perseverance + strength. As we get excited about what’s ahead, we know our greatest asset is the One who’s leading us.

This week, we walk and rest in the confidence that knowing the One who aligned the stars + stilled the seas is with us + for us 💫 what a LIFE we get to live!

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