Speak this over your week:

on January 28, 2024

Sunday night is here and we have a brand new week ahead.
We feel the anticipation of the unknown mixed with the reflections of last week and the prayers for our future and our minds begin to take flight.
But quickly—we get to anchor them in these truths as we choose rest for our souls:

🤍 We will guard—and fiercely so—the gate of our minds. What will we let in? What is priority? As we remember whose we are and the promises + provision He has already spoken over us, we let that determine our yes and our no.
Our thoughts either fuel us or drain us,
Our thoughts either speak life into us or discourage our dreams,
Our thoughts either push us towards intimacy or promote isolation,
—we will choose thoughts that show we know who made the world and will conquer it once more.
We will think purely, intentionally, truthfully, + honorably.

🤍 We will not wait until the breakdown to ask God for a breakthrough. We will ask for wisdom and awareness to spot the enemy’s tactics and stop him in his tracks. As we speak scripture out loud and claim back our peace, we will experience the power, authority, + victory that has always belonged to His children.

🤍 We will make room for things that life us. We will not feel guilty for having fun or doing the “less productive thing” because ultimately—what is a productive life that isn’t joyful? We will let the sun remind us that He can keep everything in order while we take a break ☀️

🤍 We will believe—mind, body, heart, and soul—for miracles. First, in our HOME! We will fight for unity, fruitful conversation, and advancing the Kingdom together. We will let the strength within our four walls be an example to the world of what is possible.
We will believe for miracles in the world around us—no place, no person, + no problem is too hard for Him. We will pray. Give. Show up. We won’t believe the lie that just because it’s heavy + hard, that it’s hopeless. The light IS greater.

🤍 We will yield to the Holy Spirit, especially as we interact with others or face uncomfortable situations. Our flesh will not have the final word. We will let humility take the wheel. The Holy Spirit is trustworthy.

Psalm 23 + 91 🙌🏻

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