Speak this over your week:

on February 12, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week is on the horizon. How do we approach it with courage and fresh excitement? We know that the Shepherd is leading us, turning the unknown from scary to secure.

This week, we will:
🤍We will remove all the stuff and cut all the distractions, simplifying anything + everything possible. As we clear space and make room for Jesus, the order of our lives becomes reflected in the priorities we claim to have. This alignment protects our integrity + ensures our peace.

🤍We will trust the Lord with every open door and especially with every closed one, knowing that His sovereignty is all-encompassing. Even when we want to run ahead or we fear we don’t have what it takes to walk into unknown, we know that only our Father knows the Spirit’s ability within us. Where He leads, we can trust.

🤍We will watch guard over the words that we say, how we say them, when we say them, and to whom we say them. We will remember the power of our tongue, letting it always be a source of life and not death—a benefit to those listening + our own hearts.

🤍We will sit with Him and soak in His Word, letting the bread of life be our sustenance before we enter a hungry, broken world. This protects our heart, mind, soul, + body from seeking nutrition in places that can’t satisfy us. When we enter into our interactions, we will remember that He is our advocate, our judge, our protector, our provider, and our final say in all things.

🤍We will pray that wherever we are and in whatever we do, that our lives point to Jesus and expand His Kingdom. May someone see us live, watch us respond, or hear us worship and ask, “who is this King you live for? Is He always so kind?”

This week, surrender is our strategy.
Surrender at His feet and to His throne, knowing that in doing so, victory will be our outcome.

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