Speak this over your week:

on February 04, 2024

A Sunday well spent—rooted in truth and planted in the eternal perspective of Heaven—brings a week of content.
What do you have going on this week? What is worrying you?
Let’s find P E A C E knowing this:
▫️ His voice—gracious, generous, + kind—it will lead us down paths of righteousness. He will provide clarity + courage.

▫️ His strength—greater than any giant and mightier than any mountain—it is always at our disposal. When we want to tap out, His strength will tap in. We will overcome.

▫️ His favor—unmerited and pure—will bless our entire being. When we assume He is for us, we show up with excellence + confidence but always packaged in humility.

▫️ His love—unconditional, unwavering, and undefeated—will determine how we react and respond. When His love leads, wisdom protects our way.

▫️ His tenderness—the most dependable, comforting reassurance we have access to—will meet us where we are in each moment. Even to the places we don’t see, He will cover.

▫️ His hope—the surest, strongest foundation we know—will be our solid ground. No matter what we come up against, it is our steady.

▫️ His passion—unbridled, shown on the cross—will help us remember why we are here. Reviving our soul, we will yearn to show up.

▫️ His power—absolute and unmatched—will protect us as we go, fight, + stay. He is the source of all energy + strength.

▫️ His kindness—like a river of grace that seeps into everything—will provide us with everything that we need. The stones in our hand are enough to fight our Goliath.

▫️ His rest—like a blanket that covers everything we are, do, + live—it reassures our soul. Our minds slow down. His presence is alive.

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I have all that I need.” -Psalm 23:1


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