Speak this over your week:

on February 11, 2024

#Sundayscaries , you’ve done your best to try to steal our peace or take our joy but we know where that comes from + we are EXCITED about what’s ahead. Promise, help, + strength await us because we know, with every bit of our being, that the King of Kings is with us. Never alone + fully loved, we declare:

🤍 We will wake up with our eyes peeled for the blessings. Praise will be on our lips.
We will work with grit. Perseverance is part of our makeup. We will always go the extra mile because Jesus walked every mile for us.
We will walk with grace, extending it beyond what we feel comfortable giving. We will be known for it.

🤍 We will make ourselves fully + completely available to God. We know we can trust Him with any and everything valuable; after all, surrendering it to Him is the only way to ensure it remains, grows, and sustains.

🤍 We will show up to challenges with expectation + joy, knowing that we were made to do hard things. We aren’t relying on our own strength—we are dependent upon the Lord! And there is NOTHING He can’t do.

🤍 We will be quick and generous with our words, affirming those around us and calling out their strengths. In particular, those who are closest to us—we will make a point to voice our gratitude.

🤍 We will coach our emotions, disciplining them to align with truth and guide us in the way of Jesus. Just because we feel it doesn’t mean we have to act or react to it; we have a sound mind. It will guard us.

This week, Jesus, the Prince of Peace and Name above all names, will direct our posture.
Sure of who we are because we are absolute of who He is. Praise God.

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