Speak this over your week:

on April 14, 2024

Sunday is here as a new week peeks into view…what will happen? How will things shake out? What uncertainties will knock? How will the dots connect? We ask, knowing the unknown isn’t meant for us to hold; rather, the uncharted waters are the place that the Creator whispers, “I drew the ocean’s boundary lines; be of great courage here.”

This week, we will:
🤍 We will open the living Word of God and make it a priority to read, reflect on, and remember what is true above what we feel or can see. Replanting our feet on this firm foundation will anchor us with hope, restore our joy, and refocus our eyes on what is eternal—what a difference that will make.

🤍 We will commit to doing the things that feel hard and sometimes heavy, resting assured that if the Equipper assigned us to them, we have all that we need to show up. When we fall—because we will—we will see it as an opportunity to build our trust, increase our perseverance, and walk in the training of a teachable spirit.

🤍 We will give our hearts ample space to process our emotions, knowing they will require margin and often arrive at inconvenient times. Extending grace to ourselves, we will be reminded of the power of processing what we feel with the Holy Spirit—sitting with the wonderful Counselor, we receive empathy, love, direction, and peace.

🤍 We will do everything in our power to let the little things go, knowing that our time, energy, and resources are limited and they must be reserved for what matters. Priority order will protect us and those we love as we keep Heaven in mind at all times.

🤍 We will see the goodness of God—it will pave our path and ensure our victory even in the deepest of valleys. It’s everywhere.
We will speak the goodness of God—naming His miracles and giving breath to our worship infuses us with more courage + greater confidence, even when things feel hard.
We will sing of the goodness of God—letting our voices flow and our bodies respond to His kindness, we will be ushered into His presence and leave in awe. How good is He? It’s too much to bear.

Sunday…you refresh us, refocus us, and replenish us for the week ahead 🤍

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