Speak this over your week:

on May 12, 2024


Sunday is here and Monday is on the horizon—we feel our minds preparing for the tasks up ahead as our hearts stir with the emotions of expectation…wonder…and hope. What will it hold? We breathe in, knowing that God has us where we are for such a time as this…this truth helps us remember that this is a holy moment.

This Sunday, we will:
🤍 We will keep our attention on our realm of control—our emotions, our decisions, our language, our responses, and our prayer life—these spaces will receive our energy + strength. We will commit to not getting caught up in parameters, particulars, and problems we can’t fix, alter, or change. Freedom + peace are found here.

🤍 We will sit at the feet of Jesus—the living Water—and be. And receive. And worship. And marinate. And reflect. And drink. Here, we will be refreshed and filled up so that our lives are overflow instead of striving from an empty cup. A spirit that bubbles over with the goodness of Heaven—let it be so, Father.

🤍 We will welcome the sunshine and the glorious day before us, even if it holds hard things. We will name the miracles that surround us and give breath to the beauty right where we are. In doing so, we will discover that gratitude ushers contentment + power.

🤍 We will remember + REJOICE in the fact that we are children of the King—citizens of Heaven—passing through on our journey home! Our story is redeemed, restored, and reflected through the lens of grace; because of the Father’s affection for us, a life of purpose is possible through us.

🤍 We will rest in the immovable God who is always moving, the patient Father who is always preparing, and the Waymaker who is always working beyond what we can see. Great expectation + excitement will form our perspective—since God is God and He is here, anything is possible 🙏🏻

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