Speak this over your week:

on June 09, 2024

Another Sunday is here—how grateful are we to welcome a new week that we’ve never seen before!
We do not fear the future because we feel no need to control it—we know who is in control and He is preparing us for what’s ahead. And it is GOOD!

This week, we will:
🤍 We will approach each day with a mentality that is ready + eager to do the hard things because it remains mission-minded. We will show up in the spaces we were running from, have the conversations we were afraid of.m, and give room to the things + relationships that need tending to. We were created to pursue the uncomfortable.

🤍 We will keep prayer as close as our breath…our constant tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit, remembering His nearness, reminding ourselves of His strength + leaning on His grace—we will talk to the One who made us and let His voice have the most value in our lives.

🤍 We will approach every conversation—serious + light, personal + professional, exciting + mundane—all of them, we will ask for eyes to see, ears to hear, + a heart that understands others + the world around us through our Father’s lens. This will change everything about the words we say + how we respond.

🤍 We will do practical things that nourish our souls + bring us LIFE! Whatever it may be, these realistic + helpful rhythms will increase our capacity, steady our feet, and settle us in Jesus. Wisdom knows satisfaction is only found in delighting in Jesus—we will live with out in actionable ways.

🤍 We will prioritize rest as much as we prioritize work—not just talking about rest but really recognizing the need for our body, mind, heart, + soul to reset, we will do whatever we must to live this out. This proves that we aren’t living for acceptance from Jesus; rather, that we want to live our lives in gratitude for the truth that we are already accepted, loved, + forever pursued.

What a week!!!
Fresh, full of new strength, + founded on the unwavering faithfulness of the Father.
Now—rest easy 🤍

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