Speak this over your week:

on February 26, 2023

Sunday—a new week is on the horizon and we sense our bodies preparing for what is ahead as our minds sort through the particulars.
Refocusing our eyes on Jesus, we feel His presence calm all of us.
This week, we will:

🤍 We will begin each day with reminding our souls of who we belong to—knowing our identity helps us discern truth, walk in confidence, and embrace the covering of His grace in every space. Our identity changes how we work, what we expect, and who we listen to.

🤍 We will speak life—boldly, loudly, and assuredly—about where we are going. We only have to know this step because we know the Guide is trustworthy + all-knowing. It is the mystery in the in-between that builds our trust + deepens our resolve.

🤍 We will welcome the preparation of the One who made us, even when the timeline is hard, the situation is uncomfortable, or the healing isn’t the way we would’ve asked. It is the refinement in the preparation that brings the revelation of His provision. If we knew all that He knows, we would ALWAYS choose His will + His ways.

🤍 We will be quick to pray—for ourselves, for others, for particular situations, amidst struggle, as we taste His goodness—always. Talking to Jesus about our reality keeps our eyes on Him + reminds us that He is near.

🤍 We will relax our minds—no swirling thoughts, no imaginary situations, no assumptions about the unknown—and we will let Him walk us by quiet streams. The Shepherd leads His people to good ground—that is us. That is His promise.

No matter where we are or what we are doing, we will turn up the voice of the Father. Gentle, aware, and sure.

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