Taking care of your soul is the most important work

on May 02, 2023

When you take the time to breathe, do you feel the need to explain?
When you feel your mind struggling to keep up and it needs a moment, do you feel frustrated?
Do you honor the pace that your soul needs or have you decided to continually recalibrate based on what everyone else is traveling?
Or do you even know what your soul needs?…have you taken inventory?

On your list of things to accomplish, adventures to be had, + accolades to receive, you probably don’t have listed: “Going slow”
But think about it like this….have you ever tried to tighten a screw on a bike or do an intricate operation while something is moving?
It’s nearly impossible.
It is easy to see from an outside perspective that the obvious + wiser way to handle it would be to STOP, temporarily pausing your momentum, make sure the inner-workings are operating properly, + then keep going.
Because you know that speeding up while needing surgery will only cause further delay down the road.
Because you know that continuing the hurried pace while needing space for healing only makes it harder…and more heavy.

But what if you just decided that you, despite previous performances or expressed desires, don’t actually want to travel at breakneck speed?
Not because you don’t have the ability, but because now you have wisdom. You have the maturity to realize that the enjoyment comes from taking in the view along the way rather than establishing a new PR for how fast you get there.

Try + zoom out a little bit…what would the you 30 years from now hope the current you experienced? You aren’t letting yourself down by allowing for a pace that invites intimacy, learns the rhythm of grace, + prioritizes the work of the invisible more than the visible.

Honor what you need, where you are, with what you’re called to. Remember that some seasons allow you to pick up the pace, offering flatter land + more reprieve. And others? They require all your strength to get up the hill.
Both are wildly significant.

It’s good to like a slower you.
It’s holy to realize that the intoxicating, alluring speed of the world around you isn’t actually your preference.
The MOST important work is the inside.
Brake check—how you doing?

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