Ten things you aren't responsible for:

on April 24, 2024


A lot of times, it is not the things that you are responsible for that ignite stress and rev up your anxiety; it is often the things that you assume false responsibility for that steal your energy, monopolize your focus, and rob you of your joy.

1. Other people’s perceptions of you—guess what? They will think what they want to think so you might as well be who you want to be anyway. You can’t control what they perceive is your motivation or your heart.

2. Other people’s assumptions about your life—people will draw conclusions based on their own experience, wounds, + perspective. A life of correct priority + integrity will protect you.

3. What God does with your obedience of your gift + your time is not your business; how He chooses to multiply or maximize is up to Him. Pressure is off of you.

4. Being someone else’s happiness or source of fulfillment is not your responsibility—only Jesus can survive that pedestal. You don’t have to own someone else’s wrongful placement of value.

5. When your priorities are based on what God has asked of you in this season, you don’t have to explain them to others. Even when it feels counter cultural, trust that your alignment with Him will protect what is good.

6. Whether or not someone else decides to pursue healing, no matter how necessary, it is not your responsibility to make happen. Unfortunately + fortunately, their choices are theirs. Walk in healing—they will take note.

7. Life will forever be full of curve balls and unexpected circumstances—you can’t control the cards you’re dealt, no matter how proactive you are. Realizing this will help you accept + navigate with grace.

8. When someone else takes false responsibility for something and is crushed underneath the weight of it, you can’t make them have a revelation. Offering counsel is one thing but many times, others will try to control what they can’t and you have to keep going.

9. Even when the unrealistic expectations are birthed out of pure intent, you aren’t responsible for giving what you don’t have or doing more than what God has asked of you.

10. Tomorrow is the Father’s to hold. Handle today with care—the rest gets in the way.

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