Thank You for everything, Jesus.

on April 04, 2024

Because God is so dependable and kind, blessings seem automatic, don’t they?
The sun rising,
The breath in our lungs,
The movement of our body,
The food on the table,
The conversation with a present family member or friend,
The Bible we get to open,
The music we get to let awaken our soul,
The opportunities we have in the day before us,
The resources we get to steward,
The relationships we get to invest in,
The challenges that will grow our strength,
The hard moments that increase our faith,
The discomfort that catalyze our courage,
The time—the sheer gift of more time—all of it, gifted through grace too good to comprehend and almost TOO reliable, we forget to thank Him for it.

Gratitude is the secret sauce to walking in peace amidst every circumstance.
It opens your eyes,
reassures your heart,
strengthens your resolve,
Widens your supernatural vision,
Stimulates your belief,
And anchors your hope, confident that the Promise-Keeper is good for His word, constant in character, and all-knowing when the world around you seems uncertain.

When worry comes—because it will try to knock + keep your attention—return to gratitude. Fight it with praise. Rehearse what you KNOW rather than what you don’t. Plant yourself firm in His promises. Coach your emotions with worship as your lips remind your soul of who is holding you + everything else.

What worry is gripping you? What tension is pulling at you? What stress is crippling you?
Ask Jesus for eyes to see, there. Talk about what’s invisible and it will give breath to the visible.

A thankful heart is medicine to you + everyone around you.
The more you usher in a heavenly perspective, the more you will see earth through its lens—life will still come at you but when it does, your gratitude will remind you who is fighting this battle 💪🏻

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