The cross cuts through the clutter.

on April 13, 2023

I could see the slightest bit of white fabric hitting the wind from the street. We were on a walk in the neighborhood + peeking through the opening to the beach, I could see the cross.
It was captivating. We had to go see it.
We took the little cut-through pathway to the beach + walked up the hill and there it was…simple…but somehow majestic.
I couldn’t get over how much it reminded me of Jesus—not just because of the obviousness of the cross; rather, it was that it was in plain slight but also hidden… it’s sacrifice + story were knowingly significant…it required the narrow way to lay something at its feet…and it commanded adoration simply because it was, not because it needed it.

I thought of Easter + how the cross and the grace of Jesus was so obviously on our minds…and now, the world feels loud again. It’s not that we have necessarily forgotten the cross, we just haven’t kept it at the forefront.
His mercy palpable to the touch, His strength bringing new life to our souls, and living with Sunday in mind...where anxiety turns into anticipation…”What is He up to?”

This tangible cross humbled me quickly. My to-do list became prioritized, my entitled thought about a certain subject found it’s way out, + my radar for His goodness became on high alert again.
Have you let it slip out of the forefront of your mind again? We all do, for certain blips of time at least, and then it calls us back again.
The greatest act of grace literally still giving us grace as we reflect on it.
Not condemning,
Not criticizing,
Not crassly correcting,
—just calling us back.

I walked Sledge up the small dune where the cross was planted + looked out. I can’t even explain the intensity of gratitude I felt.
Sledge in my arms,
The vast ocean stretching out,
Every color of blue painting the sky,
My lungs filled with air and I set everything down at the cross. The seemingly trivial + the heavily important.

My heart whispered, “Father, You made ALL of this. Help me know what to carry back home.”
The cross cuts through the clutter.
Maybe you can do that too today.

The cross, still planted, reminding you that the Promise-Keeper is good for His Word and that His presence is your peace.

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