The enemy is always outnumbered.

on June 13, 2024


No matter how many odds are stacked against you,
No matter how the view looks ahead of you,
No matter how confusing your current situation feels,
No matter what the world says about your circumstances,
No matter how long you’ve been in the valley,
No matter what—all of it considered—the enemy is always outnumbered.

You see, Goliath likes to escalate the volume of his voice because he knows that the world often confused volume with value.
But you know better!
You’re aware of his schemes and you’ve read the Word. You know that Goliath is no match for the warrior of God who has been prepared and readied for this exact moment.
You see, Goliath is actually an opportunity because the crowds have come and the world is watching—who will win?

It could be a situation at work, an issue with a major relationship in your life, or a personal thought pattern that’s handicapping you—ALL must surrender to the will of God.
All must relinquish their efforts when the Word of God cuts through and the strength of God displays its strong hand.

Not everything is the enemy—sometimes, it’s poor time management or bad decisions on your part and you knew better.
BUT a lot of time, it’s him. And he’s not strategic but dang, he’s persistent,
Either way, the authority is yours to recognize him, remember it’s not against flesh + blood, recall truth, renew your mind, rehearse His promises, and replant your feet on what is TRUE, lasting, + pure.

What or who is loud today? Do you need to turn down Goliath in any area and reclaim your territory?
The stones are in your pocket.
The enemy is always outnumbered.
HE is fighting your battle!!!
This is good ground.

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